Roku Customer Service Phone Number

roku support number

Roku Customer Service Phone Number 1-888-518-4967

Roku has built a wonderful product. The product serves a large market, at least one in six Americans. The large fan base is simply because of the extraordinary number of channels that they provide, no doubt about that. However, what people fail to see is the wonderful people out there in the Roku community that are ready to help you with any issue that you might face during the time of installation of a Roku.

The community and the forum discussions can help you clear most of the doubts that you might have with the installation process, but there are other useful resources as well. For instance, if you ever needed the Roku Customer Service Phone Number for support, you can simply look them up in the forum discussions. Or, call us at our toll-free number and we’ll help you figure Roku out!

Steps to Create a Roku Account

  1. Go to Roku homepage
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. You will be asked to fill out a few common things in the first page of the signup, like your first and last names, your contact details and your mail ID
  4. After you furnish the basic details, you will now have to furnish the credit card information
  5. If not for credit card information, furnish some other way of payment, such as PayPal

After this is done, your Roku account is created. If you face a hiccup anywhere during the process, please let us know via our Roku Customer Service Phone Number.

Setting up a Roku device

The next thing to do is, set up a Roku device. This means, establishing a connection between the TV, your Roku account and the internet. This connection can be wired, wireless or direct connections. It depends on the TV, Roku device and the internet router model that you own.

We’d advise you to connect your Roku device and the Roku remote to the same network if possible. Also, if the connection is a wireless one, please make sure to reduce the distance and the obstacles between the router and the streaming device. If you have model specific questions on how to establish a physical connection, please call us via our Roku Customer Support Phone Number and we will be able to help you better.

Installing channels on Roku

From the search results, you can select the channels that you want and download and install them on your channel list. After the installation, when you open the application, you will be given a verification code that you will have to enter into a browser window just like you did with the Roku activation code.

After, and only after you enter the verification code on the channel’s website, can you actually stream from the channel. A few channels will even require you to login to their channel account for you to stream from their channel. If you need help activating these channels, you can go ahead and call us at our toll-free Roku Customer Service Phone Number. We are here to help you figure Roku out!

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